How to Buy Knitwear in London

Knitwear is soft, comfortable and keeps us warm in those chilly winter nights. Knitted fabrics are more elastic than any other type of fabrics. Knitted fabrics have been used in making socks and stockings for a long while now dating back in history because the clothing made out it changes shape easily and be skin fitted. Did you know that if you knit in the perfect material the knitwear can expand up to 500 times its original size! Knitwear can easily deform at 45° out of the knit pattern. Well now that you found out what knitwear is and how it works here are some shops in London who provide the best knitwear to their customers.


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    Berk Cashmere
    About Fifty years from now it opened its doors to the public, ever since they have been providing the people of London with the finest quality of cashmere sweaters known.

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    Pringle Of Scotland - Sloane Square
    Founded in 1815 in the heart of the Scottish knitwear industry they were one of the first few companies who manufactured outerwear luxury knitwear they have branches all over the world since the 19th and the 20th century.

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    Daks Simpson Ltd
    Created in 1894 by Mr. Simeon Simpson as a bespoke tailoring business in London till in 1917 he opened a factory in Middlesex, street city of London, E1 after his death his son took on the business and took a long way to where it is today Daks has the official Royal Warrant of Her majesty The queen.

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    Johnstons of Elgin
    The Johnstons Mill is the only one In Elgin, Scotland that remarkably transforms raw cashmere from fiber to a finished product. And I might add that the Mill is 214 Years old in history. You can take a free tour as well.

  • 5

    Funki Fresh
    They specialize in a fine quality of knitwear for women, you can find anything there from knitwear that will protect you from chilly cold or just a cold breeze. They provide, Pashminas/ Scarves, Handbags and women’s clothing.

  • 6

    Portobello China and Woollens Ltd
    Squeezed between old traditional shops on the end of Portobello road you will find the Portobello china and wollens ltd they specialize in British china and porcelain clothing knitwear.

  • 7

    Burdett Penny
    Penny is the brains of this business she has a small team of tailors who produce her designs as she wants to the highest standards of kid mohair, linen, and yes Fine Italian Yarn she specializes in making her custom yarns on order blended to perfection.

  • 8

    Stuart Peters Ltd
    Starting off as a 5 staff shop back in the February of 1982 by Mr. Stuart Peters on the East-castle Street, before shifting to Margret Street followed by moving onto their Current location at Drummond Street. Over the Years the Business had built a name for itself in the surrounding’s of London.

  • 9

    Orion London
    With and Experience of Fifteen Years in the designing Fashion Industry (Han and Kim) Launched the Orion London in 2005. Orion has un-doubt-ably made its name as one of the hottest fashion labels in London.

  • 10

    Dot Royal Textiles
    They specialize in the selling a wide array of embodied laces, and handmade knitwear while keeping their individual customers Happy they also sell in Whole say to sops around UK.

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