How to Buy Nunchucks

If you have a passion for martial arts and want to strengthen your defensive abilities, then learning to use Nunchucks is your best suitable option. There can be multiple reasons for having Nunchucks like wanting to impress your friends or it can be due to the fact that you really want to learn the ninja fighting style. It is entirely up to you whether you want to obtain complete control over Nunchucks or just hold them to look cool. Nevertheless, there are numerous things that you must keep in mind otherwise you can face serious consequences.


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    Check laws regarding possession of Nunchucks in your locality

    The laws vary from state to state; therefore, it is important that you should check the laws pertaining to the possession of Nunchucks in your locality. In some states it is legal to keep Nunchucks while others require a person to obtain a license. Not to mention, buying Nunchucks in these states is not a problem but their possession can lead to some serious consequences. Therefore, it is important that you should perform a little research before making the decision to purchase Nunchucks.

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    Review reasons for buying Nunchucks

    You should consider the reasons for buying Nunchucks. People often buy weapons just for the sake of showing-off and hanging these on the walls for decorative purposes. You should note that this is a waste of money and there is no point in hanging an expensive weapon like Nunchucks on the wall. Nevertheless, some buy Nunchucks because they want to handle these weapons while others are interested in learning martial arts.

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    Think of a suitable material

    Nunchucks are made of different materials like wood, plastic, rattan and graphite. For beginners, it is strongly recommended that you should buy a padded pair as you do not want to injure your training partner. Once you have gained reasonable training and experience, only then you should go for the advanced Nunchucks.

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    Contact NANA

    The North American Nunchaku Association is the official governing body of Nunchucks. If you have any ambiguities about the quality, condition or legality of Nunchucks, then it is strongly recommended that you should contact them.

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