How to Use the Direct Sales Business Model

Businesses adopt different models for sales as per their preferences. They look for a model which is most advantageous to them in the short and long term and look to utilise the maximum potential of their business.

If your business has a direct sales model, you can use it to your advantage as you have already eliminated the role of the middle man that takes away a fair chunk of the profits that you can earn. It is generally an ideal model if you are starting out a business that is relatively small in nature and the clients need to be explained the technical aspects of the products and services.


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    Is It for You?

    The first thing to determine is whether the model works for you or not. If you are offering a service that will cost you less if you sell it via third party, you should opt for that as the purpose of every business at the end of the day is maximisation of profits. However, if you realise that you will be better off selling through your own trained staff, then it is the model for you to follow.

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    Train Employees

    The next thing to do is to train your employees. The sales staff will be taking various fronts and they should be prepared for all avenues. There will be need of these people over the phone, in the shops as well as meeting people at their homes to present the product or service. It must be ensured that the staff is thoroughly comfortable with features of the product or services that they are selling and are able to handle all queries put forward by the clients.

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    Show Buyers the Goodies

    When you contact the buyer, not only will you be showing the clients the benefits of the products or services you offer but also show them that you are offering these at a better price. This is one of the best advantages of the model as you save a fair amount that otherwise would have been charged by the middlemen. This gives you flexibility to be able to give the end user a better deal.

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    Incentives for the Employees

    This is also an important thing to do. Give them realistic targets and offer them bonuses based on the targets as well as exceeding expectations. This keeps the staff motivated and they are willing to go the extra mile so that their good work can be recognised and can earn more.

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