How to Buy Value Movie Tickets

Cinema is no more an inexpensive place to visit on weekends. The price of movie tickets significantly goes up every year. Plus, it is not all about movie tickets. When you do to cinema with friends or family, drinks and snacks altogether put a lot of burden on your pocket.

One can avoid eating popcorns, but it is not possible to save money when it comes to buy movie tickets. Nevertheless, you don’t need to break the bank for watching your favourite movie in the cinema.

By adopting a wise strategy, you can easily save plenty of money. A little relevant research will surely help you save considerable amount of money at the box office.


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    First of all, you should try to attend matinees – typically special shows just before noon. Folks usually don’t watch movies in the day time; therefore, the theatres offer special discount on the noon shows.

    Sometimes, these tickets are three to four dollars cheaper than the normal ones. However, you need to check local theatres to be sure. The movie theatre in your area may offer no deal of this nature.

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    Look for the special deals offered by the cinemas. There many cinemas that offer discounted rates for children, senior citizens and student. Don’t waste the chance if you qualify for any special discounts.

    AMC theatres in America have a special day for students and seniors. You can check your local cinemas to see if there are any deals. There are cinemas that even offer discounted rates for army men.

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    Get membership of the movie theatre that offer perks to its members. A few organisations such as AAA, Costco and Sam's Club have discounted rates for their members. However, you may need to pay one particular amount of money to get registered. The theatre may also ask you to buy tickets in bulk.

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    Visit different websites that offer deals on tickets and other stuff. Since these website buy tickets in bulk, the cinemas offer them discounted rates. And after keeping a little profit, the sites sell tickets at a slightly lower price.

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    Wait for the cinemas to reduce their rates – something they usually do a few weeks after the release of the movie. Since most of the people are interested in the latest movies, the theatres cut down their rates to earn the maximum profit.

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