How to Call a Private Number Back

Receiving too many calls from a private number can be very irritating. Mostly these calls come from telemarketers or bill collectors and the most annoying part is that they do not care about the timing. In addition, the use of private numbers has considerably increased in the past as some users prefer to keep their privacy. If due to some reason, you want to call back the private number, there are multiple ways of doing that. The easy way to call the back the private number is by tracing him/her through caller ID.


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    Make sure your phone line is free

    In order to call a private number, it is of considerable importance that you make sure that your phone line is free and working absolutely fine. It should be kept in mind that you cannot call a number if you have received a call from another number, thus make sure that you hold the receiver before someone else has dialled your number.

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    Use phone codes

    Most of the phone companies allow their users to take help of the phone codes in order to call back a private number. If you have received a call from a private number and want to talk to that person again, all you have to do is dial ‘*69’ from your phone. It is advised that you should not have dialled any number after receiving the call from a private number and then dial the code. It is allowed in almost every state; therefore there is a good chance that you will not face any problem.

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    Use other codes

    If the abovementioned code does not help, you must take help from the other codes.  In most cases, *69 will do the task but if it does not, there are plenty of codes from which you can take help. In order to call a local private number, you can also take help from *57 while sometimes *67 and *71 have also completed the task.

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    Use a barrier

    Nowadays, almost all phone companies provide the facilities of call blocking, call tracing, call rejection and call screening to their customers. You should check with your phone service provider and avail these services as these will bound the private caller to reveal his number otherwise the call will not be routed to your number.

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