How to Camouflage Wood Floor Scratches

Hardwood floors are a great option for homes as they provide a number of benefits along with them. One can have a soft feel of the floor and roam freely around without wearing any footwear. They are easy to clean and provide good temperature control as well.

However, along with the many benefits, they also bring along some issues. The squeaking of the floor is one of them. Then there are scratches that can destroy a perfectly good looking floor. There are ways that one can take care of these scratches and even camouflage them.


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    Clean the Area

    The first thing you want to do is to thoroughly clean the area.  Use a piece of cloth and wood cleaners that are easily available in the market. This will get the area cleaned and will also help in giving the damaged area a better look.

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    The next thing to do is to buff the area with the help of a steel pad. Make sure that you buff it well by applying a good amount of power. Do make sure that you do not buff it overly hard as it can make the matters worse and add more scratches. Have a cautious approach and add power accordingly to the buffing process. Also, do not concentrate on the scratches alone but also on immediate surrounding areas to give the whole area a natural finish.

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    Use Coloured Wax

    In order to give the final touch, used coloured wax that is particularly made for this purpose. It generally comes in brown, clear and blonde colours as you can choose a colour of your liking that matches your hardwood floor.  Put on the wax and give it a good rub. Afterwards, leave the area for a few minutes and do not walk on it until the wax settles down well. If there are scratches left on it, you may want to use some more wax.

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    You can also use various decorating ideas in order to camouflage the scratches if the above mentioned process does not work. You can put a small flowering pot if it is not in the way and if it suits the location. Although it may seems strange, you can do a bit of art work on it as well, again keeping in mind its location.

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