How to Remove a Tile Floor

If you are planning on changing the tile floor in your room, you will definitely have to get rid of the old tile floor. To remove a tile floor is a simple and easy task and does not require too much effort, provided that you know the right way to do it.

Things Required:

– Sledge hammer
– Towel
– Hand-scraper
– Broom
– Vacuum
– Flash light
– Floor levelling compound
– Necessary safety equipment


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    Repeatedly strike the tile you want to remove with a sledge hammer until it breaks to pieces. Make sure you properly cover the tile with a towel. This will prevents broken tile shards from rocketing all across the room.

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    Although you have broken the tile into pieces, the floor adhesive will still hold the broken tile in place. You can not just scrape the tile with bare finger nails to remove it. It is imperative that you use a specialised too for this job. A hand-scraper works best. Using the hand-scraper, get rid of the tile pieces and the floor adhesive. Alternatively, you can use a power-scraper for this task. You will have to pay about $60 to $70 to rent a power-scraper. Power-scraper will be the wiser option if you plan to clear a large tile area fairly quickly.

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    Clear the debris using a broom and vacuum cleaner. Make sure that you get rid of all the debris such as broken tile pieces, floor adhesive scrape and other loose particles. Repeat this step about three times if necessary.

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    After you have cleared the tile debris, it is time to level out any bumps in the floor. Hold and shine a flash light parallel to the floor. The bumps in the floor will cast shadows on the side opposite to the flash light. Level out such areas and clean the floor once again.

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    Get rid of any deep gouges that may have been formed during the scarping process. A floor levelling compound will work best when trying to fill deep gouges. Make the floor surface as smooth as possible.

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