How to Care For Hardwood Floors

The class and grandeur that hardwood floors bring to your home or workplace makes them a hot favourite option. Hardwood has this earthy quality which makes rooms appear grander. However, the thought of caring for them scares off many peopl,e who believe it is much more difficult and costly to look after for hardwood floors then marbled or chipped ones. However, with the right knowledge and proper technique, caring for hardwood floors is just as easy as any other floor. Caring for the hardwood floor is essential for maintaining its finish and gloss and keep the house looking wonderful.


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    Avoid scratching the floor with heavy furniture. Lift up stuff instead of dragging it. Attach felt pieces to the feet of all furniture pieces so that their impact on the floor is minimal. Cover the high traffic areas with rugs and carpet so that the wood underneath remains safe. Furniture impressions on the floor are hard to get rid of.

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    It is important to have hardwood floors swept regularly. If dust and grime is allowed to accumulate, the grains of the wood will lose their texture.

    Use a soft broom to accumulate all the dirt on the floor at one spot before vacuuming it up. If you are using vacuum, its tires can leaves scratches on the floor underneath.

    A slightly wet mop can help in getting rid of stains. However, no liquid including water should be left to stay on the floor for long. Wipe off any spills as soon as possible with a clean towel before it dries and leaves a stain. Try to use minimum amount of water on the floor.

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    Bright and direct sunlight can cause the colour of the hardwood to fade. If a certain patch of the wood is exposed to constant sunlight, it will change in colour and lose its shine as compared to the rest of wooden floor. Therefore, use curtains to block direct sunlight.

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    Use commercial cleaners that are specifically made for hardwood floors. Using oil soaps can lead to dull hardwood floors as the soap builds up on the surface. Therefore, avoid using any oily soaps on the wood. If you do, make sure you rinse it off with a lot of clean water.

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    If stubborn stains develop on the hardwood floor, rub it with a steel wool. This will remove the top layer of the wood which will take along the stain with it. After cleaning up the area, use a wood finish to refinish the floor and return it to the old shape.

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