How to Install Carpet Panels

If you have pets or kids at home then installing carpet panels is the best option. This is because if something spills on the carpet tiles then that specific panel can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. In case the stain is difficult to remove then you can always replace that panel instead of removing the whole carpet.


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    First of all you need to let carpet panels adjust to the room environment by leaving it there for a day.

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    You need to check the surface where you are installing carpet panels. You should have a hard, flat and plain surface. However, you should avoid installing carpet panels on another carpet.

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    Mark the Centre

    Before installing, you need to find the centre of the floor and mark it with chalk lines. After this, you need to form a huge X by drawing chalk lines from corners towards the centre. Then run a chalk line from centre of two opposite walls. Do it for the remaining two walls.

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    Apply carpet tape

    Next you need to apply the carpet tape around the border of the room and on the lines. However, if you would want to see the centre point then you can put the tape slightly awry. Remember not to remove paper backing until you are confirmed where to install the carpet panels.

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    Place carpet panels

    After applying carpet tape, you need to place the carpet panels along the lines you drew from centre of opposite walls. Remember these tiles should fit tightly together.

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    Pattern of tiles

    Next you need to check the pattern of the carpet panels. You need to make sure that they are placed in same direction or pattern. Remember that behind some brands of carpet panels there are arrows drawn to assist you.

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    Cut the edges

    You need to place a carpet tile facing downward under the last tile placed in a row. Then lay the new carpet tile on a piece of cardboard and cut it. Remember to use carpenter’s square and a carpet knife for this purpose.

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    Remove the paper backing

    After placing the tiles according to the design and pattern you want, remove the paper backing from the carpet tape under them.

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