How to Lay a Concrete Driveway

Concrete driveways always add beauty and value to your house. In addition, a concrete driveway can better the functionality of your home. It requires minimal maintenance, but it adds enormous amount of exquisiteness to your house. However, laying a concrete driveway can often be a daunting task if you are not taking any help from professionals. Nonetheless, one can comfortably do the job by keeping in mind some simple guidelines while laying a concrete driveway.

Things Required:

– Frame wood
– Support steel
– Fill dirt
– Wooden stakes
– Tape measure
– Concrete
– Hoe
– Bulldozer (if necessary)


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    The foremost step of laying a concrete driveway is to plan that where you want to build the driveway. Determine the path, and then remove all the obstacles present in that path to build a perfect concrete driveway. For instance, if you have decided to build a concrete driveway where utility pipes are present, then make sure that you shift your driveway somewhere else. However, if you do not have sufficient space, then call the utility companies to adjust the pipes accordingly.

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    Once you have determined the area where you are going to lay a concrete driveway, start preparing that area. Mark the width and the length of the driveway, and install wooden stakes or iron rods to mark the driveway’s width and length. One can also use paint to mark the driveway’s length and width before you start digging the path.

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    Take the 2x4 wooden pieces to make the support rails for your driveway, and hammer wooden stakes for support into the ground. After you have dug the entire path for laying a concrete driveway, make sure that you compact the soil with the help of a compactor. Add gravel at the top. One can also add steel reinforcement at the top of the path to add further strength to your driveway.

    and hammer wooden stakes into the ground for support into the ground

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    Once you have laid all the basic materials to form the bed of the driveway, add the concrete over the path. Spread all the concrete equally, and level the concrete with the help of a concrete spreader. Cure it by sealing the entire driveway with a plastic cover, and let it set for at least two to three days. Make sure that you water it daily, as it will only strengthen the concrete further.

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    Take out the plastic, and test your driveway by driving your car over it.

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