How to Maintain Hardwood Floors

Having hardwood floors can add to the beauty and elegance of any home. It is very important to properly maintain your hardwood floors so that they look neat and remain durable for many years. Keeping your hardwood floor clean is also crucial because even the smallest amount of dirt and debris can scratch or damage the surface. Using some simple techniques described in this article you can easily maintain your hardwood floors.

Things Required:

– Vacuum
– Hardwood Floor Cleaner
– Floor Protectors
– Wet / Dry Cloth


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    Clean floor:

    It is important to keep your hardwood floor clean. Never use a wet mop to clean your hardwood floor as a vacuum is more effective. Always remember to vacuum as often as possible to keep all the debris and dirt off your hardwood floors. If you have any marks on the floor then only use products that are specifically designed for this purpose. You will find many different hardwood cleaning solutions at your nearest home improvement store.

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    Prevent scrapes:

    Place floor protectors to the bottom of all of your appliances and furniture to protect your hardwood floor from scrapes or scratches. Also, try not to wear heavy or high heel shoes on your hardwood floors. If you have cats or dogs, then make sure you trim their nails so that they cannot mark up your floor.

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    Prevent fading:

    Never leave a rug or mat on your hardwood floor for an extended amount of time as it can damage or discolor your hardwood floor. Rotate your rugs, carpets and furniture often to prevent the hardwood floor from fading. Also, try to limit the amount of direct sunlight that hits your hardwood floor as it can also damage the surface.

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    Clean spills:

    If you drop or spill something on your hardwood floor then use a soft wet cloth to clean it up immediately. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to ensure that the area is free of any moisture. Try to avoid spilling any harsh chemicals that can ruin the finish of your hardwood floor.

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    Control humidity:

    Humidity can ruin the lovely finish of your hardwood floor. Try to control the humidity if possible to around 50 percent.

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    Refinish floor:

    If the floor has too many scratches or is dull and damaged, then you will want to refinish the floor. This is usually done by a professional as they grind or sand down the surface as they apply a nice finish.

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