How to Design a Radiant Floor

You have to take a number of different measures while living in a place with extremely low temperature and persistently cold weather. Central heating systems and insulation are the most common methods to keep your houses warm in blistering cold. However, installing a radiant floor might be a bit expensive but it is far more effective than other measures to keep your house warm.

You are in constant connection to the floor of your house and if it keeps on radiating heat, you will feel warm and comfortable anywhere within your house. These sorts of floors actually have tubing underneath and heat is transmitted to the entire house through these pipes. Normally, hot water is used in radiant floor pipes but hot air and electricity is also used to serve the purpose, depending on the availability and price of any option.


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    Determine the areas of your house where you want to install the radiant floor heating system. If you have other heating systems as a backup, like a wood stove, you might want to skip those portions of your house and only focus on the ones which are most exposed to sheer cold and most traffic. Areas with marble tiles, like your bathrooms, are subjected to become very cold in winter and are good candidates on your preference list for installing the radiant floor.

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    Measure the area in each room where you desire to install the radiant heating system. Also note down the floor type existing in those areas, as separate sort of radiant floor is required for different surfaces. Once you have measured the entire area, you can now decide how much material you will need for your task.

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    To save up your heating cost, you have to determine the heating zones within your rooms. This will allow you to concentrate your heating system to rooms and keep the remaining portion relatively cooler, saving lot of money. Like, you would like to have a separate thermostat for your bedrooms, while having another one for the living room and likewise, for every single room. This will allow you to not to waste excess heat and only use it when required.

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    You might not have an exact idea that how much tubing and other material will be required for installing the radiant floor in your entire house and it is better to contact a sales representative or the manufacturer for obtaining the right amount of supplies you need.

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