How to Install a Plank Floor

Plank floors back in fashion!! The natural run down look that you achieve with plank floors is not possible with any other flooring option. Installing your own flank floor might look like an impossible task to many with the only alternative being hiring a professional to do that. However, for those who believe they are up for a challenge and ready to get their hands on the task, our step by step guide has made life easier by covering the whole process. Go through the guide below and use it as a reference list when you decide to install the plank floor.

Things you need:

– planks according to room measurement
– wood adhesive
– nails


  • 1

    Preparing sub floor:

    Let the planks stay in the room for around 72 hours before installation so that they acclimatize to it. This duration prevents any chances of contraction or expansion.

    Cover the sub floor with rosin paper. If the sub layer is wood, staple the paper to it at a distance of every 12 inches. if it is concrete, spread a layer of construction adhesive first and than cover with rosin paper. Use a utility knife to cut for borders and narrow corners. Vacuum the are properly for any dirt, sand or grit before proceeding.

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    Practice session:

    Arrange the planks across the room in rows. Start with a row along the longest running wall. Draw a straight chalk line along the length of this wall with a width that equals that of the planks. This is a practice session so you will not nail down or use adhesive. You just have to practice the order in which you will lay the planks. This step will also give you an idea of the order.

    For corners and edges which the long planks do not cover, use a circular saw to cut fitted pieces. Mark on a plank the size of are you need to cover and cut it with the saw.

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    Laying down the planks:

    Once you are done with the ordering, take off the planks from the floor and start installing them one by one. for wooden sub floors, nail down the rows of planks at a distance of 5 inches. Drive the nails down through the board to the wood underneath. Drive nails down to a point where the heads are below the surface.

    For concrete floors, spread a layer of adhesive on the rosin paper and than install the rows of planks.

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    Fill the nail holes with wood putty of the same color as the planks. Let it dry for two hours.

    Now finish the floor. Sand away the top layer and vacuum away the dust. Brush over wood stain and leave overnight. In the morning, coat with a layer of urethane finish. After this layer dries, brush over another layer. Let this layer dry for 72 hours before opening the floor for traffic.

  • 5

    Tongue and groove:

    Planks also come in the tongue and groove feature. Arrange the rows in a way that the tongue of one plank fits into the groove of another. Tap the planks into place by using a rubber mallet. However, even in this method you have to nail down the planks every 5 6 inches to secure them fully.

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