How to Lay a Cork Floor Over Concrete

Cork floors are getting extremely popular and people have started to prefer them over the conventional hardwood floors. Cork is energy efficient and possesses anti-microbial properties, which give this type of floor added benefits over other surfaces. The method of installation of cork floor is quite similar to hardwood floors with just few minor differences. You can either use the glued tiles or floating tongue and groove without adhesive to install the cork floor. Both of these methods are fairly easy and anyone can lay the cork floor by himself.


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    You must be already aware of the fact that cork floor is to be laid upon the concrete floor. The strong concrete base will provide support to cork and their combination will result in a durable surface.

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    Use a vacuum cleaner to clean any dirt or debris from the concrete floor completely. Smaller particles and debris can be felt even through the cork floor after finishing and it is better to remove any such object from the concrete surface at the beginning.

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    Any cracks, chips or uneven areas on the concrete floor are to be filled with layers of self-levelling compound. You can just follow the directions mentioned on the pack of the self-levelling compound.

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    Lay down the cork tiles on the floor without applying any adhesive. This is merely to determine how the pattern will look like after you have finished the task.

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    Put together the first row of the tiles tongue-side out. A distance of ¼ inches is to be kept between the first row and the wall, as to allow for any expansion of tiles in summer.

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    If you are not using the floating tiles and opted for the other method, you have to apply cork flooring adhesive at the back of the tiles as per the instructions mentioned on the adhesive’s packing.

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    Keep laying rows of tiles simultaneously until you arrive at the opposite wall. You can use a rubber mallet to tightly fit the tiles together.

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    You might require partial tiles to fit against the wall in the end row. Use a razor knife to cut the cork tiles according to the required dimensions.

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    If you have used adhesive to fix the tiles, you have to run a roller over the cork floor to remove any possible air bubbles left in the glue.

  • 10

    Apply the urethane floor sealer with rollers to give it the finishing look.

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