How to Install Deck Tiles

Be it a pool or a courtyard, deck tiles are a good way to smooth out various surfaces in a house. The deck tiles not only protect the surfaces from getting spoiled by various weather conditions but also give them a neat and even look. In addition to this, installing deck tiles is a straightforward way of resurfacing various floors in your house like the rooftop, balconies or porch. Also you can combine the deck tiles in various designs and shapes to give the surface or floor an innovative look.
In order to know how to install the deck tiles, follow the guide given below:

Supplies and Equipment:

– Measuring Tape
– Pencil
– Notepad
– Pack of Tiles
– Handsaw or Circular Saw


  • 1

    Taking Measurements:

    In order to determine the number of deck tiles needed to surface the required area, it is better to take measurements then to go for rough estimates. After taking the measurements, note them down in your note pad.

    Remember, in order to fit along the edges some tiles will be cut according to the size of the given corner and therefore you should buy some tiles more then the estimated quantity.

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    Now begin installing the tiles by starting from one edge. While laying down the tiles, make sure that the tiles are properly fixed into one another by the hooks present along the edges of every tile. Now keep on fixing each tile into the other until the whole area gets covered. Leave out the corners or the narrow spaces.

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    Laying out tiles along narrow spaces:

    This is a tricky stage as you will not only have to cut out the tiles according to the size of left out spaces but will also have to keep the tiles from getting wasted. In order to accurately take the size of the narrow spaces, cut a cardboard in the same size as that of a given left out space. Now place the cardboard on the tile and with the help of a handsaw cut the tile out into the desired size or shape. Now try to fix these tiles into the left out spaces or sand the edges if found inappropriate in size.

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