How to Repair Rough and Uneven Concrete Floors

You do not require calling a construction team to your house to repair any cracks on your concrete floor. There are certain ways through which you can do the repair work yourself and save time and cost, with a minimum number of things.

The floor needs to be thoroughly cleaned first of all so that the cracks are clearly visible. The concrete then needs to be treated with primer and epoxy mortar so that the cracks are filled. In the end, use a concrete grinder to even your floor.

Things required:

– pH neutral cleanser
– Primer
– Epoxy Mortar
– Concrete grinder
– Broom


  • 1

    Wipe the area clean with a cleanser

    First of all, thoroughly wipe the floor with a pH neutral cleanser so that all the dirt is washed out. You need to make sure there are no stains or dirt on the area to clearly examine any cracks. Using warm water will give better results in this regard.

  • 2

    Locate the area with the cracks

    When you are done with cleansing the floor, leave it for some time so the area dries. After the concrete area is dry, carefully locate the areas where there are cracks or flakes so that they are treated accordingly.

  • 3

    Use primer and epoxy mortar

    You need to use primer on the affected areas first. Apply primer to the cracked areas and wait until it is dry. Doing this will bond the material to the concrete floor and will give a good clean look in the end. After this, use epoxy mortar to fill in the cracks on the floor. Using a knife for this purpose would be good. Leave the area overnight to make sure it is dry.

  • 4

    Check with levelling bar

    In the morning, check the level of the ground with a levelling bar. This will let you know the uneven areas on the floor so that they are treated with a concrete grinder. Carefully mark the areas that are uneven with a pencil so that it is easy for you to locate afterwards.

  • 5

    Use concrete grinder for finishing

    Now use the concrete grinder to level the ground. Using the grinder in circular motions will give you the best results. Also, use the grinder slowly so that it does not change the texture of the surrounding area on the floor.

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