How to Add Warmth to the Floor

Floors can become cold in winters. The best way to get rid of this problem is to install insulation before flooring.  You can add radiant floor heating cables before adding the floor. This will keep your floor warm through the whole season.

Things Required:

– Paint
– Insulation Panels
– Carpet pad
– Carpet or cork tiles


  • 1

    Paint dark colours

    You can paint your floor with dark colours like brown, black etc. Dark colours absorb sunlight and thus makes your floor warm. The floors absorb sunlight during the day and keep it warm.

  • 2

    Install insulation panels

    Insulation panels can help keep floor warm. You can get insulation panels made up from polystyrene or from polyurethane derivative.

    Remember that these panels should be around 0.5 inches thick.

  • 3

    Carpet pads

    Use carpet pads to warm the floors of your house. You need to place them above the insulation panels. By this your floors won’t only be warm but would be comfortable.

    Remember that open insulation panels may easily get damaged. The furniture or even walking on these panels may damage them.

  • 4

    Slab-on grade foundation insulation

    You can insulate the floor by digging up ditches around the floor if it is made of concrete. Caulk the insulation panels in it to warm the floors. Remember this method is difficult and you might need to call a professional.

  • 5

    Layout radiant heat mats

    In order to warm the floor of your bathroom, you need to take measurements first. Then lay the radiant heat mats on it. You need to roll out the map from side of room. After rolling out the whole mat, you need to cut the extra with scissors.

    Then apply a layer of mortar over the entire surface. You can add flooring after it dries.

    Remember not to cut the red wire when you are cutting the mat. This wire will be connected to thermostat or control unit.

  • 6

    Insulate floor with fibreglass insulation

    You can insulate your floor by installing fibreglass batts. This type of insulation is cheapest and easiest to install.

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