How to Install a Radiant Floor Heating System

Radiant floor heat works on thermal energy such as sun or a light bulb. It works on the principle that electromagnetic radiation is emitted from the surface of a heated object. It is different from normal heaters as it is place on the flooring and radiates heat upwards towards the roof. In extremely cold days, stepping on marble or tile floors might give you shiver. However, installing radiant floor heating system will keep your rooms and bathrooms warm. Regardless of its warming properties, this system is affordable and has low energy cost.

Things Required:

– Electric floor heating system either in mat or cable type
– Thins set (mortar) and grout
– Ceramic tile or marble
– Level floor without dips
– Dedicated electric circuit (110 or 220V)


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    Types of radiant floor heating

    First of all you need to decide which type of radiant floor heating system you want to install. There are two types: Mat type or Cable type Radiant Floor Heating. You need to check out the difference between both types and get information about their advantages. You can either visit your local tile and floor centre or simply check videos of installation on the internet.

    In case your room and bathroom is rectangle shaped then mat type installation is preferable. If your house has a complex layout then you can use cable-type system. These are easily available from local home improvement stores.

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    Read instructions

    Carefully read manufacturer’s instruction before installing radiant floor heating system. Remember to ask professionals if you fail to understand anything.

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    Get a dedicated GFCI electrical circuit

    Call an electrician and get a GFCI electrical circuit. This part of the installation is the most expensive and you need to get a professional to do this. Remember that you can do the remaining process by yourself.

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    Calculate the area

    Next you need to determine the area of the floor which needs to be heated. In case you have 10 by 12 foot bathroom then the area for heating will not be 120 feet as you will not include place under shower, toilet, cabinets etc.

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    In the end you need to install the radiant floor heating surface according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Remember to adjust the thermostat and seasonal temperatures after installing.

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