How to Install Radiant Floor Heating

Floor heating is fast gaining popularity, especially in colder regions. Many people are adopting this method to keep their houses warm in winters. This system is also instrumental in reducing your energy costs as the floor will heat the whole room.

However, the installation process for a radiant floor heating system is technical and proper precautions need to be taken to avoid any accidents.


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    The first step is to make sure that the electrical system in your house is equipped to handle the additional power which will be required to run the floor heater. It is recommended that you consult a qualified electrician to determine if you will require another circuit. Eight to twelve watts of electricity will be needed for each square foot of the floor.

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    Research about the available heaters in the market and choose one according your needs. You need to make sure the heater is compatible with your flooring, otherwise you may have to spend more money on getting it replaced later.

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    You need to locate the two wires that run the length of the mat. Remember, you will have to connect these with your power supply.

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    You will also need to take measurements of the floor where you will be installing the mat. Cut the mat according to the space you need to cover. While you staple down the material into place, leave the end with the two wires free, to allow them to connect with the input.

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    Staple the mat above the floor or below it, as these are the only two types of installation options as of now.

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    The next step is to remove the insulation from the two wires.

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    Now you need to connect the un-insulated wire ends to the incoming power lines. There will be two smaller wires - a white and a black one. Attach each end of the wire with the wire ends of your mat. Do this with a crimper and a tinned copper sleeve. Slip the sleeve over the wire and use the crimper to compress the sleeve to secure the connection.

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    The next step is to cover these wires with tape.

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    If the mats are under the floor then you will need to install insulation. You should follow the recommendations by the manufacturer regarding how far the insulation should be from the mats.

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