How to Cut Parquet Floor Tiles

Before you can completely cover a floor with parquet tiles, you will want to know the right technique of cutting parquet tiles so that you can easily fill in partial tile spaces. The technique is fairly simple and you will not need to spend more than few minutes to cut one parquet tile if you follow some basic methods.

Things Required:

– Parquet tiles
– Pencil
– Circular saw
– Trowel
– Parquet tile adhesive
– Sponge
– Gloves
– Safety Goggles


  • 1

    Start attaching all the full-sized parquet tiles onto the floor with parquet tile adhesive material and continue until only partial spaces remain at the end of the tile area.

  • 2

    Take a full sized tile, turn it upside down and place it over the last tile that you adhered which is adjacent to the empty partial space that was left in the previous step. Make sure that both the unglued and glued tiles are aligned to each other and their edges match precisely.

  • 3

    Place yet another full-sized tile over the first two tiles. As before, make sure that the edges of third tile align the properly with the first two. Slowly start sliding the third tile in such a way that it moves over the partial space until the obstruction which requires a partial tile is reached. Stop at this point, firmly hold the third tile in place and simultaneously mark the second full sized tile using a pencil. Make sure that the third tile remains stationary during this process. Edge of the third tile extending over the second tile should be used a reference for marking the second line. For filling the partial tile space, you will use the uncovered section of the second tile and for this reason you will need to cut the second parquet tile.

  • 4

    Cut the second parquet tile along the line that was drawn. Use a circular saw for this purpose. To verify that you have cut the tile to the right size, place it over the partial tile space and check if it fits. Use a steel trowel and parquet tile adhesive to affix the re-sized tile. Use a damp sponge to get rid of excessive adhesive material.

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