How to Remove Carpet and Parquet Flooring

Have you lately been thinking that the carpet and parquet flooring in your room needs to be changed. Before you can install a new hardwood or tile flooring, you will have to remove the old carpet and parquet flooring in order to start giving your room or even the whole house a facelift. It is a very simple task and ideally you should be able to complete it in a day and will not have to spend more than $50.

Things Required:

– Utility knife
– Pry bar
– Chisel or a pair of pliers
– Hammer


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    The first thing you need to do is to clear the room from furniture and all extraneous objects. There is no way to easy remove flooring if a piece of furniture such as a bed is resting on top of the flooring.

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    Start removing the carpet. Using a utility knife, cut the carpet where it meets the hallway. Start at one corner and pull up the carpet, freeing it from the floor. Work similarly on all four corners of the room. When the carpet is completely free from the floor, roll it up and discard it.

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    Some tackles strips may still be remaining, with staples driven in the floor. Get rid of them using a pry bar. To remove staples that may remain even after you have removed all the tackles strips, use a pair of pliers or a chisel. Your aim is to make sure that nothing remains from the carpet and parquet flooring.

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    Now it is time to get rid of the parquet flooring tiles. This will be easy around the edges of the room and a little difficult towards the centre because the glue layer which was holding the tiles in place is lighter at the edges and is heavy towards the centre of the room. Your first option should be to pop loose the parquet tiles by using a pry bar. If that does not work, consider hammering the tiles to break them first and then remove them. Although this is the toughest part but you must completely remove the parquet tiles.

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