How to Lay a Cement Floor or Foundation

Laying a cement floor or foundation may be difficult but you can do it by yourself. However, you are required to take caution and follow precise directions in order to lay a concrete slab. Only by this you can accomplish the task by yourself. Remember that this process not only involves mixing cement and placing it, you need to prepare the ground and take into account other things. With the requirement of few tools, you can not only do the process by yourself but also save bucks.

Things Required:

– Drum Compactor
– Metal garden rake
– Gravel
– Polyethylene sheets
– Wooden stakes
– Wooden 2x4s
– Shovel
– Cement mix
– Cement mixer
– Trowel
– Bull float


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    First you need to mark the area where you want to pour the cement slabs. As the concrete slabs are placed directly on the ground, you need to prepare it accordingly. Make sure that the ground is levelled as you are going to pour cement without any subfloor which provides support. Remember to clean the area as well. Remove debris like rocks and roots from the area in order to make it smooth.

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    Make the ground firmer

    You need to make the ground firmer and you can do this by moistening it. Then you need to use a drum roller to compact the ground, making it even firmer.

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    Pour gravel

    Now you need to add gravel in the levelled ground. This will make a place for water to flow under the concrete slab. Remember to pour gravel evenly on the entire area and it should be four inches thick.

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    Apply polyethylene

    Next you need to use polyethylene in order to prevent from coming from ground and contacting the concrete slab. You need to place polyethylene on the gravel.

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    Apply wooden stakes

    After placing polyethylene, you need to place wooden stakes around the area where you want to lay the concrete slab. Then put wooden 2x4s on the outer area of the wooden stakes in order to hold concrete before it dries. You should lay a wooden 2x4 or a screed rail which will assist you in levelling the concrete after your pout it.

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    Pour the concrete

    Now you need to pour concrete. Spread the concrete after pouring with help of a shovel or a rake. Then take the 2x4 and move it like a saw in order to level the concrete. Later smooth the concrete with help of a trowel or a bull float and then let the concrete solidify.

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