How to Fix Curling Vinyl Floor Tile

Vinyl tiles look fabulous on the floor. They allow you to complement your floor with the overall theme of your room because they are available in different colours and textures. They are economical,  durable and can serve for a long time when taken proper care of.  However, curling in vinyl floors is a common problem. The tiles curl upward when they have moisture underneath or the adhesive goes weak and does not hold them well. You can fix the problem yourself because it is a do it yourself one and does not take much time.

Things Required:

– Aluminum foil
– Iron
– Adhesive
– Rolling pin


  • 1

    Take the aluminum foil and cover the whole damaged foil with it. Turn the iron and press the foil. The purpose of it is to heat up and soften the adhesive of the tile. The iron should be set on medium heat and press the foil for 15 to 20 seconds. Repeat the press if necessary. At times, the process ends here because the existing adhesive starts working after remelting and holds the tile itself. After you soften up the adhesive, place weights on the tile like books and leave for several hours.

  • 2

    If remelting does not work, lift up the tile. Use a knife to scrape away the old adhesive from the floor and from the back surface of the tile.

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    Take the all purpose flooring adhesive and spread it on the floor in place of the tile using a notched trowel. Press down the tile back to its place and adjust into the right position accordingly. You can use the old tile or get a replacement one if it is damaged. Use a rolling pin over the tile so that it forces out any excessive adhesive from underneath the tile. Wipe away this excessive adhesive from the floor so that you have a neat tile in place.

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    Let the tile settle in place by applying weights over it like heavy books. The weight will keep the tile down so that it adheres to the floor. It will take around eight hours on average to dry. Once you remove the weights, apply a seam sealer along the seams of the tile to cover any spaces and prevent accumulation of dust in them.

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