How to Lay a Carpet Seam

If your room’s width is greater than the size of the carpet, you will need to lay a seam to join the two portions of the carpet. Laying the same requires a proper technique and tools, as it is the key to hold the carpet firmly. A loose seam can misplace the carpet and ruin the shape of the floor as well. So while you are laying the carpet seam, take special care about it. Make sure the seam holds both parts firmly together. Sometimes you can add a design to the carpet by laying a seam of colour different to the carpet colour.


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    Laying Carpet

    Before you start laying carpet on the floor, better clean the entire floor. Make sure it is cleaned of all debris, dust or any other particles. Then lay the carpet on it and spread it across the floor. Let the carpet at the same place for about an hour. This will allow the carpet fibres to expand.

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    Placing Tape

    After you have laid the carpet, place a double sided tape in the parameters of the room. This is to centre the carpet properly. After placing the tape use a protective paper to cover the tape area, as otherwise it will stick to the carpet. Now stretch the carpet to the wall to an extent that it is curled up to at least six inches on the wall.

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    Cutting Carpet

    After leaving the carpet to curl up to the wall, press down it on the floor so that it meets the floor properly. Now take a work knife and cut the carpet in a vertical shape. Make sure both parts of the carpet are joined together. This will be the area where you will lay the seam.

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    Cutting Both Pieces

    After cutting the carpet in vertical shape, cut both pieces of the carpet in a way that they butt up against each other. Now you can remove the protective paper off the tape. Now role the carpet to catch the adhesive on the tape. This will seam both parts together.

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    Holding Seam

    Butt up the seam of both parts of the carpet. You can use more adhesive for this purpose. Make sure that the seams are held together tightly. This part of your job needs special care and this will also reflect on how good you are at the skills of laying carpet.

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