How to Install Fabricated Hardwood Floor

There are many types of wooden material available for flooring these days; hardwood, raw wood, engineered to name a few. Hardwood floors have a distinctive advantage over raw wood floors, as they are solid, and give a sleek look to the room.

Hardwood floors need to have a finish applied on its surface after installation because the urethane coating does give a finished look until it is polished.

Things Required:

– Belt sander
– Plastic or vinyl vapor barrier
– Staple gun
– Utility knife
– Construction adhesive
– Tape measure
– Circular saw
– Drill
– 2-inch finish nails
– Hammer
– Nail punch
– Flooring nailer
– 2-inch flooring cleats
– Jigsaw
– Table saw


  • 1

    Take the flooring pieces out of the packed box, and spread it around the room where you want to place it. After spreading it around the floor, leave it vacant for three to 5 days to acclimatize. In the mean time inspect the subfloor for bumps and use a belt sander to smoothen the surface. Place a plastic sheet over the entire surface and staple it down with the help of a staple gun.

  • 2

    Place the first pieces of flooring along the wall which runs parallel to the direction you want the flooring to run. Remove any extra vapour sheet with the help of a utility knife, and then spread the construction adhesive over the entire surface of the subfloor. Place the first course of flooring on top of adhesive and press it firmly by standing over it. Leave a gap of about a quarter of an inch from the wall and allow the adhesive about 24 hours to completely dry out.

  • 3

    Take out the second course of flooring from the box and lay it out for about 15 minutes on the hardwood floor. Use a hammer gun to fix it over the first floor surface, leaving about 6 inches of the previous wooden surface free from the edges.

  • 4

    Use a drill machine to drill holes in the tongues of boards of the second wooden course, using a 2-inch finish nail. There should be 12 to 16 inches distance between these holes. Fix a finish nail in all the holes with a hammer.

  • 5

    Keep on repeating the last 2 steps for all remaining courses to be installed. Make cuts on the floor for door jambs and furniture objects placed on the floor. Polish the surface of the floor to give it a shiny and sleek look.

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