How to Care for a Real Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is a major part of Christmas celebrations. Therefore, buy a Christmas Tree that is healthy, lush green and attractive. However, your responsibility is not over with bringing a tree into the home, as you have to take care of it in order to retain it throughout the Christmas season. This simple Guide will help you to learn about the tips how to care for a real Christmas Tree. Taking care of a Christmas tree is not a difficult task at all. All you have to do is keeping an eye on the tree on daily basis as it requires consistency.


  • 1

    Clean your Christmas tree before bringing it into your house by brushing off its brown dead needles, dust and spider webs.

  • 2

    Now place the tree in a large pot or an impermeable shield in order to protect your nicely carpeted floor and set it in the selected location in your house. Try to select a stand that can hold around one gallon of water.

  • 3

    Use lukewarm water for the first filling of the tree's container/ stand.

  • 4

    Make sure not to place you Christmas tree in a sand or soil as it can block the pores in the barks of the tree and prevents it from absorbing water.

  • 5

    Position the tree in a way that it is not over the heating vent.

  • 6

    Check out the soil of the tree everyday to know about its dryness. Make sure that the soil in the pot stays damp, but not wet.

  • 7

    It is better to unplug the lights around the tree in the evening or whenever you leave your house. Moreover, if your tree has been decorated with Christmas lights, then turn them off in the night.

  • 8

    Christmas trees require moderate temperature; therefore, make sure not overheat the room or area of your house possessing the tree.

  • 9

    Grab a sharp saw and refresh your Christmas tree by making a slight straight cut and taking about one inch off the butt. Once you cut it, place in water immediately in order to improve the trees' water uptake.

  • 10

    Prevent spraying fire retardants or other preservatives on the tree as they can have negative impact on the overall health and greeneries of the tree.

  • 11

    Add some sugar to the water and stir until it dissolves completely. Now water your Christmas tree with it as sugary water is considered very beneficial for the plant.  Happy healthy Christmas tree.

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