How to Flock your Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree always required a little flocking, which means that you apply a downy and raised texture to it. A Christmas tree is extremely important when it comes down to celebrating Christmas at its fullest. People chop down the best trees they find in the area, only to decorate them in the most beautiful way possible. Flocking a tree means that you apply a texture to the Christmas tree in such a way that it looks like snow. Flocked trees imitate the natural appearance of the tree as it looks relatively more dusted and fluffy. It doesn’t matter whether you are using a live tree or an artificial one, flocking the tree would definitely give it a good look.

Things required:
– Starch – 2/3 cup
– Soap flakes – 2 cups
– Water
– Medium sized bowl
– Christmas tree
– Safety goggles


  • 1

    In order to flock your tree, you must mix the necessary items which are required for flocking. You are going to need 2/3 cup starch and 2 cups of soap flakes in a medium sized bowl.

  • 2

    Keep stirring the bowl until the two have fully mixed together.

  • 3

    You will require 2 to 4 tablespoon of water. While you are mixing soap flakes and starch, start adding 1 table spoon water at a time.

  • 4

    Keep stirring until the mixture becomes thick and stiff.

  • 5

    Now, while you are stirring the mixture, start adding food colour into the picture. Make sure that the food colour is glistening white so that it can add to the snowy effect.

  • 6

    Since your mixture is complete you now have to apply it to the tree.

  • 7

    Put the tree inside a tree stand and drag it outside your home since you don’t want to make a mess inside.

  • 8

    Put the tree on a flat and levelled surface; it can be a sidewalk or even your driveway.

  • 9

    Put on safety glasses or a face mask in case you are allergic.

  • 10

    Grab yourself a bottle of spray and add the mixture to it so you can have the liberty to spray the flocking wherever you want.

  • 11

    Apply the first coat to the branches and the tree. Work your way from top to bottom.

  • 12

    Apply second coating to the tree.

  • 13

    Make sure that the flocking is evenly distributed.

  • 14

    Right before the flocking is about to dry off add a bit of glitter so that it adds a shiny effect to the tree.

  • 15

    Don’t put the tree in the house before the flocking has completely dried out.

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