How to Make Christmas Tree Collage Decorations

Making Christmas tree collage decorations is a tradition in many European countries. It is a very easy to decorate any kind of Christmas tree with patchwork related decorations. Choosing two three types of ribbons first is also a good idea as it will look bright and colourful. You can also collect Christmas catalogues during the start of December. It will take only few days before you able to collect different types of catalogues from different museums to toy shops in your area.

Thing Required:
– Trees
– Images/pictures
– Metallic star stickers
– Glue sticks
– Catalogues
– Scissors


  • 1

    Cut a large green construction paper

    After collecting all the Christmas catalogues from different museums and stores cut a large green construction paper and start your patchwork decorations. A lightweight poster will also work well. The computer industry nowadays also gives you great relief to print out the tree outline and then put all the other things together using graphics software. Making a large and big Christmas tree with collage decorations is a good idea but creating small trees and decorating them is also nice.

  • 2

    Cutting out pictures of all images

    You need catalogues, trees, a pair of scissors and a glue stick after cutting out pictures of all images. Gather all the toys and all the ornaments and decorate the trees with them. Check carefully that all the ornaments are on the right places and cut in the right sizes. Trim off the extra pictures and glued together the rest of them while attaching all of the collage. If someone loves cats, you can put cat images of the tree as well. It depends on you that what type of images you want to add on Christmas tree. Remember to follow a nice Christmas theme with your collage.

  • 3

    Give a lighted effect

    Giving a lighted effect to tree will also enhance its beauty. For giving a lighted effect, you can buy a small pack of metallic star stickers. These will look great when they are put on your collage. Make sure that you do not overdo it as you want to have a nice elegant design that can be enjoyed during the Christmas season.

  • 4

    Laminating trees

    Laminating the trees will help you preserving them. Hang them on the wall carefully as well. Before laminating the trees, make sure that pictures are glued properly. There are many types of glue sticks available in the market while craft bond type is best. It is made for gluing paper.

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