How to Make a Christmas Calendar at Home

Christmas Calendars are meant to preserve the excitement for the approaching Christmas. There are twenty four or twenty five slots in a Christmas calendar with gifts in each one of them. These slots are explored every day one by one starting from 1st of December. As the door reaches up to the 24th or 25th one, there is usually an additional surprise hidden in the form of an exciting gift. Not only this, the slots are also decorated with beautiful Christmas themes on them. Children love this Christmas calendar as it not only increases the excitement and enthusiasm for the approaching day but it is also full of goodies and treats!
It is believed that the first homemade Christmas calendar was made in 1851. These sorts of crafting projects are very much popular among crafts people, however these can be very easily prepared at home as well by using any material including fabric, card boards or felt.
So make your own Christmas calendar today and fill it with all sorts of surprises! Here’s how:

Things Required

– 25 match boxes
– Gift Wrapping Papers
– Scissors
– Small Buttons
– Paper Glue
– Gifts


  • 1

    Collect 25 match boxes and empty them. Make sure that there is no match stick left behind.

  • 2

    Now in order to give them an exciting look, wrap the match boxes with different gift wrapping papers. You can use any gift wrapping materials or create your own by drawing different Christmas themes on a plain piece of paper. Apply glue on all the outer sides of each of the match box and wrap them with the wrapping papers.

  • 3

    Once all of the match boxes are wrapped, it’s time to stack them together in the form of a pyramid. So glue them together with the lower row containing 9 match boxes and the upper most row containing only one match box. Stacking in this way will give it a shape of a pyramid.

  • 4

    After stacking the match boxes together, write down the dates on each one of them by starting from the lower most row. Also glue small buttons on each compartment drawer so that they can be pulled out easily.

    Your Christmas calendar is complete. Don’t forget to fill it with gifts!

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