How to Make Money on Christmas

Everyone loves to spend on Christmas, but there are quite a few who want to earn a few extra bucks during holidays. This can help you earn a little money for your holiday spending. Moreover, throwing the Christmas party will look a lot easier once you have the right amount of greens in your pocket. You just need a bit of creativity and the right type of people to target. This will not only help you make money; in fact, you will start enjoying your Christmas eves more than usual.


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    Start a decorating service. You can gather a few friends or go at it alone. Go to different people’s houses and charge them a fee for decorating their houses as per their needs. Rather than providing the customer with a package of decorating their whole house, give them a certain amount for decorating every different job that you do. Explain to them how you are going to require certain material and they will have to pay for it in extra. Ladders and other tools must be your own so you sound a little more professional. Lastly, make sure that your charges include the removal of the decoration after Christmas.

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    You can offer gift-wrapping services to the people. Start off by charging them for every package and job that you perform. Moreover, you can also charge extra for delivering the package to the right person.

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    You can offer parents that you are going to write a personalized letter to their children from Santa Claus. Make a form which will help you get to know more about their children and write the letter accordingly. Make sure that you use Santa Stationery.

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    Your main audience are the people who are busy and lazy. Start baking cookies for the ones who are extremely busy on the night. If you are using your own recipe, you can charge by dozen. However, if the customer opts for his/her own recipe, then charge half the price. You can even deliver cookies to make a few extra bucks.

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    It’s the best time to be crafty. Start making handmade soaps and candles. Put them in holiday baskets and sell them on flea markets or country fairs. If you are a wood-worker, you can even make toys.

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    An online garage sale also sounds like a plan. Start taking photos of things you want to sell and put them online so people can conveniently see what you have to offer.

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