Types of Christmas Lights

How would your Christmas celebration be without lights? Your joy would be incomplete no doubt. The interesting History of Christmas Tree & Lights shows Christmas is the season of colorful lights. Your Christmas season’s celebrations remain incomplete until you do not illuminate your house and Christmas tree with a nice collection of lights, bringing out your Christmas spirit. Candles were the first Christmas lights, but now you can find various forms of lights with specific uses. Moreover, solar powered Christmas lights have become extremely well-liked around the globe now days, which show the increasing popularity of this trend.

If this is your first chance to plan Christmas lights, then read this article very carefully in order to know about the various types available in the market.


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    String Christmas Lights

    String Lights, also known as mini lights or rope lights, are one among the most commonly used Christmas lights. These are ideal choice for both internal and external lighting. The best thing about using these cute lights is that they are “cost-effective.” They are smaller in size and therefore consume less energy. Icicle and net lights are two very famous types of String Lights. You can use Icicle light for the illuminating the external side of your house and the net lights to lighten up the trees, flowers and shrubs in your lawn, front yard or back yard.

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    C7 and C9 Christmas Lights

    C7 and C9 style lights are traditional Christmas lights. They are bigger in size than the string lights. C7 and C9 are one among the preferred Christmas lights due to their long-lasting nature and brightness. However, it is better to use them for external decorations as they consume more energy and therefore contain a fire hazard.  These lights can be either white or colored, resembling miniature light bulbs.

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    LED Christmas Lights

    LED Christmas lights, also known as Light Emitting Diodes, are considered best choice when it comes to selection of Christmas Lights. LED Christmas lights’ energy-saving features, huge variety and long bulb life are playing vital role in gaining fame among the customers. They are available as “net lights” to illumine the bushes, “icicle string” to hang from your house’s roof top.

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    Solar Powered Christmas Lights

    What if you lighten up your house throughout the Christmas season, WITHOUT any increase in your electricity bill?  Solar Powered Christmas Lights are the latest invention in the field of Christmas lights. These environment friendly lights are available  in numerous lengths and colors, emitting glowing and dazzling luminosity.

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