How to Make Christmas Wreaths

Wreaths are one among the amazing and easy Christmas crafts to make at home. Hang your wreath on the front door of your house to create a superb and inviting scent for the Christmas season. This Christmas is your chance to show your creativity and to come up with some unique wreaths ideas in order to enhance the overlook of your house and to impress your loved ones. Making a Christmas wreath is few minutes’ activity where you have to simply put-tougher your favorite ornaments they way you want.

Flower wreaths are quite common now days and you can find them in every every gift store. Try some different on this Christmas. This simple guide contains some super ideas that are not only simple to perform but cost-effective as well.


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    Pom-Pom Wreath

    It is simple to make and requires a glue gun, Styrofoam ring and few yarn flowers, also known as pom-pom flowers. Follow the given below steps to make your own pom-pom wreath:

    - Take a fine quality Styrofoam wreath ring and cover it with a ribbon or felt fabric –if you like. Otherwise, you can use as it is.
    - Now Make Yarn Flowers, using your favorite yarn colors.
    - Once you make yarn flowers, use a hot glue gun to add them to the Styrofoam wreath ring, until it is thoroughly covered. However, you can also arrange the yarn flowers in one corner of the circle.
    - Tie a thread to your pom-pom wreath and hang it in the selected location.

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    Felt Flower Yarn Wreath

    It is another simple wreath that you can make on Christmas. It requires a yarn, some felt flowers and a glue gun or fabric glue. Follow the instructions below to make it:

    - Tie one end of the yarn around the Styrofoam wreath ring and secure in a double or triple knot.
    - Do not trim the yarn and start wrapping it all around the wreath ring until thoroughly covered and you reach the starting point.
    - Cut the yarn and knot it a few times to secure properly.
    - Now make some Wavy Felt Flowers, Layered Felt Flowers, Fringed Felt Flowers, Loopy Felt Flower and Felt Roses.
    - Glue gun all the flowers to the wrapped Styrofoam wreath ring and hang it.

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    Button Wreath

    It is a unique way to use those extra colorful bottoms to make a beautiful wreath. Follow the given below instructions and make your own button wreath:

    - Take a wreath ring and wrap a felt fabric around it until thoroughly covered.
    - Cut the felt and secure the end with fabric glue or pin.
    - Now use a hot glue gun to add the buttons to the wrapped wreath ring or sew them with a threaded needle.

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    Pine Cone Wreath

    Pine cone wreath looks amazingly natural craft. It is simple to make and is gorgeous enough to grab the attention of the people. Follow the steps given below to make it at home:

    - Take a Styrofoam wreath and wrap it with burlap for more natural look. Otherwise, you can lightly spray it with a brown spray paint.
    - Now use a hot glue gun to add the medium and small cones to the Styrofoam wreath.
    - Spray the cones with glitter paint – if you like and hang it.

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