How to Throw a Christmas Party

Christmas is a time of celebration, and what better way to celebrate than throwing a party for your friends. A successful party is remembered by all, even after the festive evening ends. But planning a Christmas party can be a tiresome job. There is a lot to keep in mind: from food, drinks to games. If planned properly, preparing for a party can actually be fun. Some questions to ask yourself while planning are: What kind of party should I have? Whom should I invite? How should I decorate? What do I serve? and the list continues. Lets make this task a bit more organized and easier for you.

Things Required:

– Invitations
– Christmas Decorations
– Christmas Trees
– Candles
– Eating Utensils
– Food
– Nonalcoholic Drinks
– Napkins
– Plates
– Christmas Music CDs


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    Send out Festive Invitations:

    The foremost thing is to decide the kind of party you want. Is It a big bash with catered food or an informal fun evening with friends. This should be decided with the budget in mind. Once the decision has been made, its time to make a guest list and send invitations. You can buy Christmas themed cards on shops or make the invitations yourselves. Colorful invitations will excite everyone.

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    Plan the Menu:

    Food is one of the main highlights of any party. Whether the party is casual or a fancy dinner, menu should be well considered. For some, only appetizers are required like: mini quiches and crackers, cheese and fruit tray and bread sticks etc. If you're serving a proper meal, than buffet is a good option: baked lasagna, a crock pot of meatballs and a big green salad. All Christmas parties should include desserts and Christmas cookies!

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    Decorations and Music:

    A Christmas party would be incomplete without party decorations: fairy lights, Christmas tree, ornaments, candles and flowers all make a room beautiful. In order to bring everyone in the party mood, fill the room with sounds of Christmas music. You can buy CDs from the market or download music from the internet. Let your guests be the DJ and let them put on their favorite songs.

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    Party games:

    Games get everyone involved in the party. It ensures that everyone is participating and enjoying. Some options are Christmas charades, karaoke, passing the parcel and musical chairs. Make small goodies bag for the winners.

    Read these instructions and start planing your party!

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