Christmas Cards and Greeting Ideas

A Christmas is a great time when people meet up and share the joy and celebrations together. Greetings start many days before the big day and continue up to the New Year. One of the most common way of greeting each other on this event is by way of a Christmas greeting card. Available in different shapes, sizes and themes, there is a wide range of choice for everyone in the market. But why not to make the card on your own this time and let your loved ones know how much you value their presence on this great event. Whether you are skilled at making an electronic Christmas card through Photo shop or you know the knack of making a real one, all you need is a little creative sense and there you go. With our guide your creativity will be stirred up and will blossom into a nice little self made Christmas greeting card. So here are few ideas for you:


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    Christmas Greeting Cards with Motifs:

    Making a Christmas greeting card by printing out the image from the internet is not only a creative idea but is also easy to follow . Think about some Christmas themes like Christmas presents, red stockings, reindeer, Santa cap, candles, snow flakes, Christmas tree or Christmas ornaments.

    Next, what you need to do is to search that lovely Christmas themed image on the internet. Now print out this image on a card board and make sure that you take out the print in a way that you are able to fold it up into a card with right alignment. Finally write an exciting Christmas greeting message on it with a flashy handwriting. One greeting idea could be "Santa is here to greet you! Merry Christmas "

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    Christmas Tree Card:

    Fern leaves motifs are perfect for Christmas tree cards! So make a nice Christmas greeting card with some artificial fern leaves. You may take some fresh ones though, but be mindful of preserving them to last for longer. Right now we  will work with the artificial ones. All you need are few fern leaves that you may have in your vase and a glue. Now cut a card board of appropriate size and fold it into a card and draw a triangular line on the card with a pencil.  Next apply glue on the either side of every leaf and immediately sprinkle glitter dust on the side that will face you. Paste and arrange the ferns along the drawn line in the shape of a pyramid. This will give it a typical look of a Christmas tree. After pasting it on the card board rub away the drawn line and paste few glittery buttons on it.

    Now think about a nice idea for greetings; a nice little wording with a little touch of softness will do: "May your Christmas be wrapped with the presents of joyful surprises! Have a marvelous Christmas!"

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    Christmas Card with Kolaj Work:

    What about a Christmas card with a kolaj work on it? This is a very creative idea and will rank your card and it will stand out among others.  So cut out small pieces from magazines and glue all the pieces on a cardboard in the shape of a Christmas tree or a Santa or any other exciting shape. Stir your loved one with this amazing idea by writing greetings accompanied with a Christmas poem.

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    Christmas Cards with a Photo of Yours

    This is a great idea and requires no effort. Simply take a photo of yours or the one whom you are sending it. Either get it printed if you want to leave it as it is or else edit it in photo shop. This card will also look nice if you greet the receiver with a Christmas poem so search out your favorite one from the internet and write every word with alternate colors.

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    Hand Made Drawings for a Christmas Card:

    Bring smile to the receiver's face with this brilliant idea! J. Enhance the prominent features on the face, for instance if you are sending this card to your friend and he has got mustache then you can make those exaggeratedly prominent. Remember you do not have to be perfect at all!. Now write a greeting message that can make your loved ones know how much you value their presence on this Christmas. Here’s how:

    "A person like you are very few and difficult to get! Waiting to see you soon this Christmas. Happy Christmas."

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