Christmas Drink Ideas for Diabetics

Usually people prefer having sweets and drinks on traditional occasion, but patients who are diabetic cannot increase the amount of drinks and food because they might face immense health issues. Due to advancements, chefs and cooking experts have sorted out this problem by using diabetic sugar tablets as one of the ingredients instead of refined sugar, or natural sugary flavors of fruits.

No party or a festival can be completed without refreshments, but now diabetics can also enjoy the festivity by tasting different varieties of drinks.

On Christmas when people drink eat and be merry sugar patients have to careful while choosing any item to eat, but not anymore there are few recipes which I have planned to prepare on this Christmas for my friends and family who are unable to experience the complete thrill of the event.


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    The first recipe is Sangria, a unique drink which contains fresh citrus juices. The procedure along with the ingredients is as follow:


    7 glasses of fresh mineral water

    Nectar of 3 oranges
    Juice of 3 lemons
    2 ½ cup of grape juice
    Slices of lemon and orange


    Add mineral water, lemon, orange and grape juice in a jug
    Then add the slices of lemon and orange
    Stir it with a spoon to combine the flavors of juices.
    Serve in beautiful glasses, garnish it with mint leaves and small lemon slices.

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    Christmas Cranberry Punch


    2 cups of Cranberry Juice cocktail
    1 cup fresh orange nectar
    355 milliliter of diabetic white lemon drink
    Fresh cranberries


    Pour orange juice, cranberry juice and the diabetic carbonated lemon drink in a jug.
    Stir the juices and add cranberries in the end.

    This drink will serve 4 to 5 people easily.

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    Christmas Apple Cider


    1 ½ cup of water
    4 cups of apple cider juice or a regular apple juice
    ½ cup fresh orange juice
    2 black chai tea bags or tea leaves
    2 cinnamon sticks approximately 1 ½ inch long
    2 cloves


    Put teabags in the boiled water and wait for 2 to 3 minutes until it releases its colour.
    Remove the teabags from the boiled water and add the rest of the juices in the water along with the cinnamon sticks and cloves.
    Simmer it for approximately 8 to 10 minutes and then discard the cloves and the cinnamon sticks.

    Serve the drink in a tea cups made up of glass. This low calorie recipe is ideal for sugar patients.

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    With the above recipes the diabetic patients will definitely be given a chance to enjoy the glee of Christmas with their loved ones.

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