How to Decorate the Christmas Tree

A well decorated Christmas tree is a true representation of your love towards Christmas and your preparations to celebrate this great event. A healthy and green Christmas tree enhances the overall look of your Christmas ornaments that you use in the decoration of the tree and therefore easily grabs the attention of the people around. Therefore, you must know how to Buy Christmas Tree and how to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh. Hundreds of Christmas ornaments are available in the market, but you can make them at home as well. Think out of the traditional adornments and decorate your tree with some attractive handmade ornaments.


  • 1

    Add Christmas Lights

    First of all wind around some colorful Christmas lights at the top of your Christmas Tree and carefully work your way down. also add some strings of lights to the trunk and outer edges. Check out the Types of Christmas Lights to find your favorite one.

  • 2

    Add Paper Stars

    Paper stars are one of the adorable ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree. Add threads to the handmade paper stars and tie them to the branches of the Christmas Tree. Check out the simple procedure to Make Paper Stars.

  • 3

    Add Paper Lanterns

    Hang some Paper Lanterns around your Christmas Tree for more elegant look.  You can Make Paper Lanterns at home as it is few minutes’ cost-effective activity.

  • 4

    Add Paper Butterflies

    Make Paper Butterflies at home in various colors and sizes and add them to your Christmas Tree. You can also make butterfly garland and wind it around your Christmas tree. Paper Butterflies are not simple to make but cute enough to grab the attention of both children and elders.

  • 5

    Add Paper Pinwheels

    You can also decorate your Christmas Tree with some multi-colored pinwheels. You do not need to buy them from anywhere, as you can make Paper Pinwheels at home.

  • 6

    Add Tissue Paper Flowers

    Tissue Paper Flowers are one among the gorgeous ornaments to embellish your Christmas tree. You can use your favorite tissue paper colors to make colorful tissue paper flowers.

  • 7

    Add Paper Snowflakes

    Decorate your Christmas Tree with some Paper Snowflakes and win the hearts of the kids and appreciation from elders. Making paper snowflakes is simple activity, containing few easily available items.

  • 8

    Add Pom Pom Flowers

    Think out of the box and use some multihued Pom Pom Flowers in the decoration of your Christmas Tree. Use various yarns to Make Pom Flowers at home and tie them to the branches of your Christmas tree.

  • 9

    Add Paper Ice Cream Ornaments

    Last but not the least; hang some Paper Ice Cream Ornaments all around your Christmas Tree for a perfect finish touch. They not only look endearing but easy to make as well.

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