How to Pick Drinks for a Corporate Christmas Party

The ceremonial table at an official corporate party cannot be imagined without various beverages. Selecting the right combination of drinks and find a suitable vessel to decorate it properly is a science.

No matter what you put in front of the guest, there should be wine on the table. The alcoholic beverage is good for health. Wine products are available in a wide range on the shelves of modern stores. So if you want to have good wine on your desk, you need to know how it can be distinguished from fake or spoiled goods.


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    First, ask what dish will be at the dining table it will help you choose the right wine for the occasion. Remember that for such a light food, like chicken with white sauce or fish, light wine will be ideal. Stronger wines require venison and beef, as well as dishes that are served with tomato sauce.

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    Choose a wine from your preferred region. This is important, because the soil of vineyards directly affects the aroma and taste of the drink. South African wine is so different from Italian. Of course, it is not necessary to know the intricacies of cultivation in these countries but you should know the place where the wine has originally been made.

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    If you are making a choice between the new and old wines, check out for European wines. In countries such as Germany, Italy and France are engaged in the production of wines for many years, bringing perfect wine to the paying customers. However, this does not mean that South American or African wines are inferior in quality. Many famous winemakers belong to these regions as well.

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    Note the manufacturing year of the end product. There is a popular belief that the age of the drink is the main indicator of its quality. However, not all wines become well with age, some deteriorate with increasing storage period.

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    Rely on the proven manufacturers. Another way to select a quality wine without opening the bottle is to buy what is produced under the famous brand names. Many French, Italian and Australian companies have established their names in the market several years ago and their longevity is evidence of quality control and compliance with all standards of wine production.

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