How to Keep a Christmas Tree Fresh

Christmas celebrations are incomplete without a Christmas tree! Some people go for artificial trees as there is no chance for them to get wilted, however most people prefer to have the real ones. When it comes to the real trees then the most preferred ones are the fir trees since their needles never start falling down that quickly when the tree is dehydrating. However making the Christmas tree last longer is always difficult if it is not taken care for right from the beginning.
So if you need some advice on how to keep your Christmas tree fresh then follow the guide given below that will help you make it live for as long as till the New year!


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    When you are going to choose a Christmas tree then always go for the freshest one among all. If the tree has got green needles emerging from the stem then the tree is fine. If you find brown needles on a tree that are dropping down then this means that the tree is wilting down so don’t go for that one.

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    After carefully choosing the right tree and getting a fresh tree cut, do not waste time and quickly put the tree into a bucket full of water.

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    Always keep your Christmas tree hydrated! Watch out for the amount of water the Christmas tree is taking up and make sure that it is sufficient enough to keep the tree fresh and upright. Water the tree with one gallon of water daily and also make certain that it has absorbed it till the next day.

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    Cut out a line at the bottom of the tree’s stem to help the tree take up all the needed water easily. Observe the tree for the next 6 to 7 hours and if the sap has been developed then make another cut at the base of the tree.

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    Also be very careful with the material you use for decorating the Christmas tree and make sure that it is a non combustible one. Make sure that the lights are operational and turn them on only when it is needed.

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    Keep the tree in a safer place where it is not exposed to conditions like high temperature or winds as these can damage the tree very easily. Make sure that it is away from sun, candles, fireplaces, electric current or heat of home appliances.

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