Easy Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Kids just love marry-making on Christmas. It is a bustling time in which many parents seek opportunities to spend quality time with their kids. Christmas crafts are perfect excuse for parents and teachers to spend an unforgettable time with kids, making memories and producing some eye-catching decorations as well. Providing your kids with an opportunity to make some crafts is not only fun but a wonderful chance to make them feel special. This simple guide of step by step has been specially designed to bring some easy Christmas craft for kids to view. The crafts ideas are very simple to make and contains few inexpensive items. We hope you will like it!


  • 1

    Make Paper Snowflakes

    Snowflakes are one among the easiest Christmas crafts for kids. It is a superb idea to convert a simple piece of paper into a productive decoration. We have used blue construction paper, but you can replace it with any of your favorite color.  In order to make it Christmas specific, you can use red paper, white paper or combination of both. You can use your Christmas snowflakes to wrap your gifts or can craft bundle of snowflakes to make a beautiful garland.

  • 2

    Make Tissue Paper Flowers

    This is another easy and cost-effective Christmas craft idea for kids. Making tissue paper flower is all about wrapping some tissue paper, tying them and fanning out the folds. You can make the tissue paper flowers in variety of colors and can use them in the decoration of your house to grab the attention of your guests during Christmas season.

  • 3

    Make Paper Lanterns

    Kids can also try paper lanterns, which are not only easy to make but cool as well. Your colorful and gorgeous Paper lanterns will give off an exquisite soft glow that can really add an ambiance to your house on Christmas. You can make them with your favorite colors and can also decorate them the way you want. Use them as roof hangers, place on a side table or make a Christmas garland out of them.

  • 4

    Make a Paper Pinwheel

    Paper Pinwheels are one among the kids’ most favorite crafts. Making multihued paper wheels is few minutes’ activity and an amazing excuse for parents and kids to explore wind on Christmas. Moreover, kids can surprise their friends by presenting them some beautiful paper pinwheels.

  • 5

    Make a Paper Butterfly

    Help your kids in making paper butterfly on Christmas and use them in the decoration of your house. Make paper butterflies in various shapes and color, tie them together and hang. They look pretty and are sure sign of marry-making and celebration.

  • 6

    Make Paper Stars

    Kids can make their own beautiful stars from paper and glue. It is a unique project to make proper use of the reusable papers from your dustbins. Wrapping paper, scrapbooking paper and construction paper etc are commonly used in making paper stars. However, you can also try some double-sided paper to make multi-colored stars.

  • 7

    Make Paper Ice Cream Ornaments

    Proof of stylishness in simplicity, the Paper Ice Cream Ornaments are among the simplest crafts for kids of all ages to make. The instructions of this project are super simple, the supplies are few and inexpensive, and the results are superb. Besides other decoration ideas, you can also use these Paper Ice Cream Ornaments in the decoration of your Christmas tree.

  • 8

    Make Snowman from Cotton

    This effortless craft can be liked by kid crafters as an attention-grabbing decoration to put on their room’s table or hang in the Christmas tree. Your cute snowman will thoroughly represent your feelings towards Christmas. This activity does not require any complicated supplies; so, try it for sure.  Moreover, you can also make a Snow Globe with a Jar, which is another quality Christmas craft.

  • 9

    Make Fabric Rose Flowers

    Guide your kids make these simple felt roses in order to add a touch of elegance to your Christmas decorations. Besides that, you can use them in the embellishment of your Christmas clothing, accessories, decoration pieces and wreaths etc.

  • 10

    Make Finger Paint for Kids

    Making finger paint for kids is another fun activity to enjoy Christmas. It will take you to your childhood memories. In addition, it is your chance to play with your favorite colors and to create various finger designs.

  • 11

    Writer a Letter to Santa Claus

    Besides craft ideas, Writing a letter to Santa Claus is another superb idea to enjoy the Christmas season with your kids. Therefore, check out a Letter to Santa Claus.

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