How to Guess Your Christmas Presents

Are you excited about the gifts you have got this Christmas and trying to figure out what’s inside the big boxes? Getting what you expected is always a big surprise on Christmas but at times the gifts you get can be nothing more then a prank. It’s true that everyone wants to know in advance what’s inside the wrapped boxes but when it comes to guessing your Christmas present then it can get a little tricky at times. However there are some clues that can make you guess the right answer. So if you want to know about the tips on how to guess your Christmas presents then follow the guide given below :


  • 1

    Recall your Demands

    First of all bring to mind all things that you have demanded or have wished for in front of your friends or family in the last three to four months. Write all of those wishes down!

  • 2

    Make a Guess Against the Size of the Gift:

    Now  that you have got your wish list you can now compare the size of each one of those things with the size of the gift. This is however a loose guess and can be prank at times with smaller item being layered up into an outsize gift!

  • 3

    Weight does Matter!

    Next, hold the gift in your hands and feel how heavy the gift is and recall your demand list. If it feels heavy in size then it might be one of those heavier demands that you made lastly!

    Be careful for the prank gift that contains extra weights along with the gift just to fool you!

  • 4

    Shake the Box!

    The next thing is to shake the box to know what’s inside. Don’t forget to think about the wish list while shaking the gift box. If you hear a sound then it might be the case that there is something delicate like jewelry. If no sound is produced then it can be something like an electronic present or your favorite outfit.

    However sometimes they may also fool you by padding pillows in it to make it feel heavier and soundless so be careful while making your guess!

  • 5

    Peek a Little:

    Now this is another trick but make sure you know the knack of wrapping back the gift just like it was. Just unwrap a bit from one corner and peek into the gift box by not letting anyone know. This will give you a little idea about what’s wrapped inside and chances are that you may find some shipping information or the shop’s name from where it has been bought. Recall your wish list again and think about what things you have desired to buy from that shop. In this way there are chances that you might get the clue and make the right guess.

  • 6

    Beware of the Pranks!

    It might be the case that you have got a guess and the gift turns out to be something like a prank! Anyone can do such practical jokes with you but when it comes to your friends or contemporaries then the chances of  a prank gift are even higher! However if the gifts are from your parents then the chances of being fooled are comparatively lower!

    Besides all the above strategies don't forget to keep in mind who is giving you the gift. That way you will be able to make the right guess!

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