Top 10 Choices of Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree bears an immense importance in the Christmas celebration. A real Christmas tree for the Christmas celebrations is always the right choice as it reminds of the history of Christmas trees that is all about sacrificing. Not only this, these trees also signify the association between heaven and the earth. Moreover the presence of a Christmas trees symbolizes wisdom and life.
There are many choices for the Christmas trees based on different factors including their appearance, shape, color of their branches and durability. Based on these factors below is the list of top 10 choices that can make a best Christmas tree:


  • 1

    Fraser Fir:

    The Fraser Fir is one of those Christmas trees that have a beautiful appearance along with a very soft feel. Mostly found in the US and Canada and is preferred for a Christmas tree because of its durability to hold Christmas ornaments. It has got a beautiful foliage  and looks very striking when ornamented with sparkling and colorful Christmas decorations. So go for this tree if you are looking for a dark green and fragrant Christmas tree this winter.

  • 2

    Douglas Fir

    This exquisite thick bushy Christmas tree is preferred because of its beautiful green or blue color. Choose it if you want a strong support to hang your Christmas lights and ornaments.

  • 3

    Balsam Fir

    Balsam fir can make a wonderful tree because of its dark green color and soft and flexible branches. But do not hang heavy ornaments on its branches as the branches are not strong enough to hold them.

  • 4

    Colorado blue spruce

    This beautiful tree is so simple to work with. Hanging the ornaments on its branches is very easy as they are pretty sturdy.  Also the tree has got a beautiful blue foliage so choose this Colorado Blue Spruce this Christmas and make an amazing Christmas tree with blue ornaments.

  • 5

    Scotch pine

    Scotch pine can make a wonderful Christmas tree but beware of the needles as those are real sharp and can hurt anyone easily. But the good news is that the needles are long living and can last even if the tree is dehydrating.

  • 6

    White Spruce

    The white spruce is found in the US and Canada and has a great needle retention. This would make an excellent tree with its beautiful shape and superb color.

  • 7

    White Pine

    This tree with its flare like blue foliage is best suited for all those who have got allergies as it has got a very mild aroma. Needles are soft enough for you to easily decorate your tree.

  • 8

    White Fir

    The White Fir  creates a beautiful ambiance in the Christmas decorations with its striking appearance. It has got all the qualities to make a good Christmas tree including good needle retention and a beautiful shape. So choose this tree and decorate it with all those beautiful ornaments that can enhance its bluish green foliage.

  • 9

    Virginia Pine

    This tree lives more than other trees do, so there is an ease of displaying it. Not only this, there is also an ease of decoration as the branches are strong enough to hold the Christmas ornaments. In addition to this these trees are with natural decorations in the form of ornaments and an easy to handle base to stand on. The tree has got excellent needle retention and has got beautiful color and smell.

  • 10

    Eastern Red Cedar

    This tree also makes a good Christmas tree with its moth repellent properties and excellent aroma. It is robust enough to hold the ornaments and is very simple to handle.

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