How to Wrap Christmas Presents With Ribbon

Here comes the time of the year when everything goes festive and merry. Christmas brings us all loads of joys every year when loved ones unite, celebrate and make memories together. Gift giving is one of the main traditions of Christmas where friends and family get each other gifts to remain as symbols of happy times. A gift wrapped in a paper, decorated with ribbons makes its own special place among the many under the Christmas tree. It gets more special when you pack and decorate it yourself. This Christmas wrap your gifts yourself with our step by step guide.

Things Required:

– Wrapping paper
– Measuring tape or ruler
– Scissors
– Masking tape
– Ribbon


  • 1

    Measure the width of the gift box that you have. Since you have to cover two sides, multiply this measurement by two. Allocate two inches for cutting andĀ overlapping. Cut the wrapping paper according to dimensions of the gift.

    Spread out the wrapping paper on a fat surface like a table with the fancy side facing downward. Place the gift box on it right in the center.

  • 2

    Time to wrap the box. Pick up one side of the wrapping paper, bring it to the center of the box and tape it there.

    Do the same for the other side in a way that it overlaps the previous one.

  • 3

    You will have two small sides open. Fold them in a way that they make triangles. So now you have two triangles sticking out on each side. Bring up the triangles from both sides so that they meet at the center of the box. Tape them there. You now have a perfectly packed box.

  • 4

    Put the ribbon on the table and place the box in the middle of it. Bring it from both sides of the box to the center top. Twist it there and tie a knot. Now make a bow out of it. Some ribbons come with pre-made bows which make your work easier.

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