How to Make Christmas Card for Your Girlfriend

At the end of every year in those Cold December winds comes a time when all the people come together share gifts and show love for each other while waiting for Santa to bring gifts that time is called Christmas, Love is in the air and everyone that would be looking for a cute card or a gift for a girlfriend can’t afford to go wrong, so how about making one yourself writing whatever you feel about her? It’s not necessary that you be an artist to make a card that your loved one would like it’s the time and devotion that you spend on it. All that counts is that you put an effort to make something worth it after all everything is fair in love and war, am I right?

Things Required:

Card stock
Construction paper or wallpaper
Stamps and stamp pads (optional)
Felt pads (optional)
Paper bags (optional)


  • 1

    Get a heavy card paper of a A4 sheet paper length fold the card paper from the middle making it shape like a card, write with penciled letters in a small font on the border line of the card write on the border line inside and outside you can write anything that she might like i.e. I love you marry Christmas, I miss you wish to meet you this Christmas just write anything should read with a smile on her face.

  • 2

    Get some Christmas themes that you would like to paste on the card i.e. Santa clause with a heart in his hand, a Christmas tree with a Heart on top or any theme that would give out an image of love and affection on Christmas.

  • 3

    Start writing a beautiful message for your girlfriend telling her how special she is and the difference she make while being near you this Christmas, humor is good as well something that she would like to laugh at as well.

  • 4

    If you have a picture of you guys together scanning that and printing it would be a really good idea you can glue the picture inside the card on any empty space.

  • 5

    Finally finish off the card by soothing the edges with a pair of scissors and gluing  stickers and cute clip art on the cover page.

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