How to Make Signs with Christmas Lights

Want to creatively express yourself with light? An effortless way to make your home more cheery! The Lights of Christmas help you create a lovely holiday. Lights are an important part of Christmas decorations. From laden on the tree to enlightening the fireplace and windows, they stand out. This time around use them creatively. The use of Christmas lights as signs that spell out greetings for holidays look very impressive and yest are very easy to make . The trick is to use heavy-duty floral wire as a guide for the lights.

Things Required:

– Christmas lights
– Clear tape or nails (depending on surface)
– Extension cords
– Heavy-duty floral wire


  • 1

    We start of by arranging the lights at the place where you want to lite them. It will help in determining the extension cord placement. For a small word like "happy", approximately 4 yards of lights will be required.

  • 2

    To make sure that every alphabet flows together, we bend the floral wire as required to format every word in a script. Cut four parts of 2-foot each from the floral wire and adjust an end of each one into a hook. Bend every piece in half. Loop the hook after every two alphabets or until your wire has finished and secure the ends into the ground. These will act as the support wires for your lights.

  • 3

    Twirl the lights around the wire to brighten the letters. This step may require the use of tape to make sure they are tightly wrapped. Join the extension cords to their outlets and plug in the wires. Now if you are making a sign for your window or porch , you need to  follow steps 1 through 5.

  • 4

    With hooks at each end, form a loop from two 2-foot pieces of wire. Put two nails into the wall with a drill or hammer where you want to hang your sign. Make sure to arrange them with enough distance between them to make space for the sign. Connect the hooks to the sign and hang the sign in the desired area where you have pounded the nails.
    Your sign is ready to illuminate your house!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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