Ideas for Christmas Party at Office

Christmas is on its way and you are the person who decides to throw an office Christmas party, it is not that much of a rocket science. Parties are all about fun not stress. Christmas is the only time to let your office burdens loose, relax and enjoy the perfect time getting to know your colleagues a lot better. You can be of assistance to get them a little time out and helping them in getting a better social life at the office that they work every day at.

Things Required:

To do list
Location for the party


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    Making the list, You will need to grab yourself a pen and a paper and write down everything to stay organized in order to throw a remember-able office party ever. You will have to choose the location where you would want to party to take place also date and time is essential to note down as you will be calling different event halls to check for availability. Be open to the employees of the office and ask them what time and date suits them the best obviously you won’t be able to please everybody so pick the time and date with the most attending people. Be sure that you have a location large enough to support your guests.

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    Invitations, Start gathering details to make up invitations to the party i.e. Names and designations. Contact your local area printer to produce them for you just make an invitation soft copy on your computer take it in a USB and give it to him. You have to be certain of a couple of things when sending out invites to your fellow employees

    - Make sure that they will be coming and confirm this at-least one month before no later.

    - Be sure to write down the number of guests an employee is allowed to bring you don’t want to run out of food now do you?

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    It is all about budget, now when you have the funds steady for the office party. You will need to book an event management company they are going to provide you with seating arrangements don’t forget to tell them to put center pieces for the tables they really give you a soothing atmosphere. Now remember when hiring an event management company you need to be sure that they provide you with everything in one package because it is going to cost you a lot if you go for individual bookings i.e. food, DJ, music, decorations, and cutlery. Book your Event managers as prior to the party as possible.

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    Food Package, Check out different packages on your food menu if you want buffet style dinner or just an appetizer to keep them going. This is all solely depends on your budget. Give your guests a taste of everything don’t keep your options slim be sure that different types of food is available to them. Remember the fact that not all people are the meaty type some prefer veggies as well you don’t want your guest to go home hungry now do you? No we don’t think so. If you plan to keep booze try to put a minimum amount as you don’t want your colleagues to get drunken, things can get a little out of hands when people are drunk and this can lead to a disaster in a party.

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    Arrange entertainment, plan some games and dances for the occasion also plan at-least 3 to 4 activates to keep your fellow employees entertained. Also you can arrange competitions like best dance, best dress and a Christmas Scavenger hunts remember to reward the winner you can either reward them with a Christmas present or may a paid day off after the holidays.

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