How to Make Christmas Card for Teachers

Like friends and family your favourite teachers also plays an important role in your life and you start giving them the same importance as you give to any of your friend or a family member. Children greet almost everyone on Christmas, so how can they forget that significant person with whom they have to interact almost every day.

Every child has a favourite teacher and to show the respect they have in their heart for their educator, they try giving them handmade cards on birthdays and various traditions, which are truly admired.

Giving cards on Christmas is one of those friendly and sweet gestures, which are adored by everyone whether it’s your teacher.


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    What if your teacher is on holidays and you are not aware of her address or probably she is out of town, how you will send your regards? Well internet is the perfect solution to it, gradually with increase in technology we have found various solutions to our problems.

    I don’t think so there is any place where you have zero access to internet. If you are not able to see your teacher before Christmas, make a card on computer, you can take innovative ideas from internet and draw a card of your own and email it to your favourite teacher.

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    To make a paper card you will require few tools which are as follow:

    Plain paper
    Colour pencils, pastels, paints or markers

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    Take a plain paper of any size and fold it evenly to make a card shape.

    It’s Christmas so the best idea is to draw anything related to the occasion, it could be a beautiful Christmas tree covered with lights, or a Santa Claus surrounded with gifts.

    You can also take small pieces of cotton and stick on your card to show snow.

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    After completing the drawing take your favourite colour medium and fill up your drawing to make them more appealing.

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    In bold letters write the title of your card. It would be nice if you mention your teacher’s name on the title.

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    Now fill the inner side of your card with Christmas messages and do not forget to mention your name which is really important.

    Before posting a card or giving it to your teacher don’t forget to show it to your mom or dad, so that they can also see how much effort you have put in.

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