How to Deal With “Is Santa Clause Real?” Question

If you have kids at home you will most definitely get to hear this question once Christmas arrives. Who is Santa Clause? Is he real? Will he get me gifts? This is the reason why kids even tend to write letters to Santa. They believe that the guy in a red coat is going to bring them gifts on the Christmas Eve while they are fast asleep. If you want your kids to behave and be at their best, you need to make them believe that Santa is actually real. Here are a few ways through which you can keep Santa Clause real for you children.


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    Never try to be defensive once your child asks you this question. Whenever you are going to lose patience, you are going to leak out a little bit of truth. If you start with counter questions such as “Who told you that?” then the children will most definitely understand the fact that you are lying to them. Keep it simple and just nod your head in approval.

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    If you are to counter question anyway, then sit and talk with your kids in a nice way. Ask them whether they believe Santa is real or not. Make them believe what they want to hear. If the child already states that he believes that Santa is real, your problem is all sorted out. However, if your child says that he does not believe Santa to be real, then you need to give him/her the reason to believe that he does exist.

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    Make your child understand who Saint Nicholas was. He will most definitely like the person since he was nice. You need to research on this man and then explain to your child whatever you know about him. Make sure that your information is not different from what the other people have to offer.

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    Always ask yourself whether your child is too old to believe in Santa Clause. At times the parents make this mistake of trying to persuade an old child that Santa is real even though he/she fully understands what is going on. Make sure that you have chosen the right age to tell your kid about Santa Clause.

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    Lastly, make sure that you are not the only person discussing Santa Clause with your child in the house. Your significant other or elder siblings of the child must also offer the same information to him//her.

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