How to Care for Ferns during the Winter

Ferns are one of the most aged plant species on the earth, dating back to prehistoric times. They are considered as the most popular houseplants and garden foliages. There are more than 6,000 identified fern species in the world, providing you with a choice to select your ones according to your preference. Ferns are fairly delicate plants by nature and therefore require more care and attention. Moreover, the drop in temperature during winter season can badly affect your ferns. However, you don’t have to get it on nerves as there are various effective techniques available to keep your fern plants flourishing and vigorous through the winter season.


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    Dig up your fern plant from the ground before the first frost occurs

    Lift your fern plant out of the soil, place it in an empty container or pot and shift inside your house. If you don’t have place available inside, you can set the plant in the balcony or veranda etc. Digging up the fern plant is a simple process where you just have to dig a circle around it, insert the pointed tip of the shovel into the ground at the outer edges of the frond tips and gently lift it out of the ground. Add some sterile potting soil into the soil until base of the fronds is covered, but no higher.

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    Humidity for Ferns during the Winter

    Hand the potted fern plant in the bathrooms or kitchen of your house in order to provide them with the required humidity for proper nourishment and growth. It is also a unique idea to add to overall decoration of your kitchen and bathrooms.

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    Temperature for Ferns during the Winter

    Try to maintain a temperature of at least 50 °F during the winter season in order to make your ferns survive successfully. Fern plants love bright sunlight, which doesn’t mean direct sunlight at all. A room with wide windows is a best location to place your potted ferns during winter. If your plants are placed in the basement or shed, then make sure to keep the light of the area switch on at least 12 hours per day as it stimulates natural sun rays. However, make sure that the lights are positioned 6 to 12 inches above the plants.

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    Watering Ferns during the Winter

    Fern plants do not require frequent watering during winter. Therefore, water them once a week, just until the top 1-inch of soil is wet. The slightly dry soil around your fern plant is a call for watering it.

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    Fertilizing Ferns during the Winter

    Fern plants do not require fertilization during winter season, but make sure to resume the regular fertilization with the arrival of spring.

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    What if you don’t have indoor space available?

    If you do not have space inside your house to accommodate the fern plant during winter, place them underneath your house’s porch, car porch or a greenhouse. Check out the simple procedures to Make a Mini Greenhouse at home. If you do not have the floor of the mentioned areas available for the placement of your fern plants, simply hang them by shifting into hanging baskets.

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    Mulch Ferns during the Winter

    Mulching is a useful activity to protect the fern plants during winter, especially when placed outside. It is a simple yet useful activity to maintain the temperature stable and suitable for your fern plants. All you have to do is cover your fern’s soil with some dry leaves or pine straws.

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