How to Plant Ground Cover

Ground cover plants are interesting alternatives to grass. They come in different colors, lengths and varieties. Allow you to experiment with your garden. Give your garden a complete makeover by using different ground cover plants that will spruce up the whole look of the place. Reserve a day on the weekend for planting your own plant cover. Gear up for something that is going to give you wonderful result if you follow the instructions well. Instructions that have been gathered through experience.

Things required:

– Compost
– Pitch fork
– Fertilizer (5-10-5)
– Mulch
– Mechanical tiller


  • 1

    Choose the variety:

    Choose a ground cover variety that fares well in your native conditions because it will have greater chances of survival. Check with the nursery the maximum height the plant will reach. Good ground cover plants should remain under 24 inches. Go for a variety that spreads on its own quickly without becoming invasive.

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    Prepare ground:

    Clear the ground of any grass or sod layer. Remove all the weeds. Mark off the area you want to cultivate. Use a shovel and tiller to dig up the soil to a depth of maximum ten inches. Apply a layer of manure or compost. Follow up with a layer of a fertilizer.

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    Plant the cover:

    Dig up holes for the ground cover plants, as deep as the roots demand and twice as wide. Plant in rows with equal spaces. The length of spacing depends on the selection you made as cover. It is better to consult the nursery you bought the plants from.

    As you plant the cover, back fill with the dug up soil. Apply a layer of mulch over it all. The mulch will keep off weeds and retain moisture.

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    Keep watering regularly all through the first season so that the cover grows well. Keep weeds off by cultivating the soil lightly or pulling them out with your hands regularly.

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