Hawaiian Wedding Plant

Have you ever been to a wedding and simply loved the bride’s bouquet? More than likely some part of it was a Hawaiian Wedding Plant. This exotic houseplant is a full flowering vine with a fabulous fragrance that can be enjoyed by anyone, not just brides. With a little proper attention and carefully planning on location, this exotic houseplant, native to Madagascar, can be brought into the home where it can become an interesting accent.

Caring for the Hawaiian Wedding Plant, also known as Stephanutis floribunda, is not much different than that of any other houseplants that may already be in your home. The basic requirements of water, soil, light and a good fertilizer are required for this beautiful, exotic houseplant to thrive and remain a truly wonderful accent to a home. The only difference between this type of houseplant and others is the amount of the basic requirements that this exotic houseplant needs to survive and perform beautifully. During the growing season, this plant requires its soil moist, but when winter rolls around, this plant needs its soil to be kept drier. Hawaiian Wedding Plants should also be potted in well-drained soil and placed in a location that receives full sun to bright shade. Just because the soil must be kept moist does not mean that it should sit in water, the soil must drain easily or this plant will not survive. Mist the foliage daily and feed this plant every two to three weeks with a slow-release fertilizer for acid-loving plants. Prune in early spring, even as early as February. If these needs are met, this plant will stay beautiful. The most spectacular feature of this exotic houseplant is its long lasting blooms combined with its fabulous fragrance. The Hawaiian Wedding Plant blooms the heaviest in the spring months, but has been known to bloom in any warm months, so do not be surprised to find blooms most anytime of the year except maybe in the dead of winter. This exotic houseplant, with its thick, dark evergreen, waxy leaves has to be mature and root-bound to produce its large fragrant white flowers. When these plants do bloom, seedpods will often form and should be allowed to dry while on the vine. Do not pick these seedpods too early and expect to use the seeds for propagation. After the seedpods have been allowed to dry on the vine, the seeds can be planted in well-draining soil and kept moist until new Hawaiian Wedding Plants begin to grow.

Everyone can enjoy the Hawaiian Wedding Plant, no matter what of green thumb the gardener may be lucky enough to have. With a little attention, this beautiful, fragrant flowering exotic houseplant will be enjoyable for many years to come, not just when attending a wedding. So if you are looking for something a little different, that is beautiful and fragrant at the same time, consider trying a Hawaiian Wedding Plant. For more information on this beautiful and exotic houseplant, visit www.gardinonursery.com, www.directgardening.com or www.davesgarden.com.

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